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What happens when you take a roomful of overzealous convention geeks and equip them with boffer swords, shields made out of keyboards, and an unquenchable thirst for blood? Geek Fight, the new Business Card Game (BCG) by Diving Dragon Games! Explore your wildest fantasies by pitting your favorite convention stereotypes against each other in a gladiatorial melee of legendary proportions.

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New Forum
19 September 2008, Surfeit

For those who haven't noticed yet, we've put up a shiny new forum. Since we'll be at Anime Weekend Atlanta tomorrow and Sunday, we haven't yet had time to make the forum visually attractive, but the main point is it works better than that old clunker forum we were using before. We'll pretty it up after the convention--I promise!

For those of you who plan to attend AWA this weekend, do make sure to stop by our table in the gaming room. We'll have Geek Fight signs up near the table, so we shouldn't be hard to spot.

Geek Fight Deck Rules and the Newest Promo
11 September 2008, Surfeit

The delay was longer than we hoped, but we've finally added the 20-card deck rules to the end of the 7-card hand version we posted last week. We've also clarified some of the rules about combatant deployment and stat bonus modifiers for anyone who was confused.

Also, I'd like to announce that I've just sponsored a promo card based on a character from my upcoming novel, entitled The Dream of Eden. You can view the card here. Serendipity will be one of the most useful combatants for tactics-based combat, but she's going to be really hard to get. If you can find me at Anime Weekend Atlanta in the gaming room, ask me about the card, and you just might get one!

Lastly, we'll be making a big announcement soon--probably within the month--so keep checking back. It'll be huge!

Anime Weekend Atlanta
7 September 2008, Voslyn

Hey guys, Just wanted to let everyone know that if you missed us at Dragon*Con, you can catch us at AWA, Anime Weekend Atlanta on September 20th, and 21st! Look for us there to get your hands on some free packs of Geek Fight Cards!

The Shop Goes Live
3 September 2008, Surfeit

We've just finished getting the DDG Shop together, so now you can order Geek Fight cards on-line! Also, a Geek Fight Card Directory is available for browsing, which will help you determine which pack(s) you need for your collection.

For those of you who've requested DDG T-Shirts, we've set up a CafePress store where those can be purchased.

Thanks for your interest in Geek Fight, and happy battling!

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